Remote Database Management Services on your terms, meeting your business needs.

Providing quality database management services and support for your IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL database systems, based on your requirements and your budget. Virtual-DBA, powered by XTIVIA has database services solutions to help your business succeed.

Remote Database Management Service Plans

Basic Service Plan includes:
  • 24×7 on-call access to DBA support professionals
  • Virtual-DBA Client Web Portal for case tracking
  • Primary DBA assigned for each supported platform
  • Customer defined service support hours per agreement term
  • Covering all major platforms, our expert Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM Informix, IBM Db2 LUW, MongoDB and PostgreSQL teams are only a phone call away
Premium Service Plan includes:
All Basic plan Features:


  • 24×7 DBA Support & Monitoring
  • Primary DBA assigned for each supported platform
  • Access to your DBA support professionals
  • Daily system log files review
  • Verification of backups
  • Access to Virtual-DBA Client Portal for metrics reports
  • System status monitoring, including:
    • System heartbeat (up/down)
    • Connectivity verified to XTIVIA Virtual-DBA servers
    • Performance and resource metrics collection
    • Automatic threshold comparison of collected metrics
    • Notification/response when a potential system availability issue is discovered
    • Notification/response when a potential system performance issue is discovered
    • Notification/response when a potential system resource issue is discovered (disk/memory/CPU)
Custom Service Plan options:
  • Select the services you require during and outside of regular business hours
  • Utilize your current monitoring tools if they conform to our alerting API
  • Get the help you need, when you need it from our expert IBM Db2 LUWIBM InformixMicrosoft SQL ServerOracleMySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL teams
  • Choose the features you need from our Basic or Premium Plans, or create something more customized for your business

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Virtual-DBA’s remote database management service plans will meet your business needs and budget for monitoring and support.

If your business requires IBM Db2 LUWIBM InformixMicrosoft SQL Server,  Oracle,  MySQL,  MongoDB or PostgreSQL database systems that are properly tuned and running around the clock, our managed services are for you.  Learn more about the right plan is for your business.


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