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Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability
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Do more with a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive SQL Server AlwaysOn disaster recovery solution from XTIVIA.

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14  Challenges

Many databases use mirroring to create redundancy in their data sets. This redundancy can prevent database errors from getting out of hand, but they are never 100% effective.

14  Solutions
AlwaysOn can prevent a SQL Server from losing data or functionality. Using a more secure form of data mirroring called Clustering, AlwaysOn manages to maintain a high data failover rate while using less data storage space than traditional mirroring.
14 Best Practices 
XTIVIA will partner with you to fully implement a SQL Server AlwaysOn solution that meets your staff, budget, and data size needs, all with minimal downtime. Find out what we can build for you.
XTIVIA can assist you with a SQL Server AlwaysOn implementation from end to end.

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