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Virtual-DBA is an expert provider of database services including server management. Our full-fledged administration team is trained and ready to set up, develop, monitor, and maintain database architectures, whether they are large or small.

Migrations, upgrades, installations, consolidations, replication, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. Our DBAs not only work on-site for these and other database services; they are also available virtually, over any distance, right away.

For each of your database platforms, we assign a separate Database Administrator. For example: if you have an Oracle database and a SQL Server database, you’re assigned an Oracle DBA and an SQL Server DBA, each of whom is focused entirely on that environment and the best practices therein. They are the spearhead for the rest of the team, who can step in and support these servers as needed.

If your server runs SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Db2 LUW, MongoDB, or IBM Informix contact us today to get started on a customized service plan. Whatever your company’s needs, Virtual-DBA, brought to you by XTIVIA, will craft a solution that fits.


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