Oracle ORA-01017 Quick Fix

The ORA-01017 error seems pretty straight forward, however it can have us banging our heads against our desks for awhile trying to figure out why we can’t seem to type our password in correctly.

Here are a few reasons I have personally ran into this issue.

  • I was attempting to connect to the wrong database due to multiple databases on one server. After checking my ORACLE_SID variable I was able to connect to the correct database.
  • I made a typo and put a ‘0’ where an ‘o’ should have went in a tnsnames.ora file from a client box and had to have a second set of eyes check it and find the error.
  • I was using an 11g database and the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter was set to true and I was using the wrong case for the username.
  • And of course I have definitely typed in my password wrong several times.

I hope this helps someone resolve their ORA-01017 error quicker. I know sometimes we all need a reminder from time to time for even the small things. If you would like some more help with your Oracle database get in touch with us today!

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