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Top Linux Commands for MS SQL Server DBAs

These are the ten most important commands to know as a DBA working in a Linux environment. This is not specific to any Linux distribution or single database platform necessarily, however, I have added some really good links specific to MSSQL Server running on Linux at...

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Managing VLFs in SQL Server 2017

One of the new features introduced by Microsoft in SQL Server 2017 is the new DMF sys.dm_db_log_info. It helps to take a look at the structure of the transaction log file without using the undocumented DBCC LOGINFO. As we all know, Transaction Log Files are internally...

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How To Create An Azure SQL Database

1. Sign Up for Azure Visit https://signup.azure.com and follow the steps to sign up for Azure. Requirements Microsoft Account Mobile Phone Credit Card 2. Visit the Microsoft Azure Portal Once completed with signing up head on over to the portal Visit:...

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Runstats Best Practices for Db2 on LUW

What is Runstats? Runstats is a utility in Db2 that is used to collect statistics about the data in Db2 tables and indexes. This statistical information is critical to Db2 database performance. Runstats is executed on a table by table basis, so scripting it is quite...

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