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SQL Server Collation

What is Collation? Collation is a set of rules dictating how each group of characters within SQL Server is treated. A list of collations and their definitions can be found using the following query. SELECT name, description FROM sys.fn_helpcollations() WHERE...

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Seven SQL Performance-Killers to Avoid in Db2

How DB2 Handles SQL SQL is a powerful language in the hands of the right RDBMS. One of SQL's strengths is that you specify what data you want returned without specifying what file, disk, san, or sector that data is stored on. Because we describe the result set we...

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SQL Server Services

A service is a program that runs in the background that does not require any user interaction. Some examples of services are the drivers for your keyboard and mouse, your antivirus software, and the SQL Server Service. The SQL Server Service is the executable process...

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Dropping Indexes to Improve Db2 Performance

Indexes are Good for Performance Generally speaking, DBAs and developers spend a fair amount of their performance time trying to find which indexes to add to a database to improve performance. If a specific query is having performance problems, one of the strongest...

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Top Linux Commands for MS SQL Server DBAs

These are the ten most important commands to know as a DBA working in a Linux environment. This is not specific to any Linux distribution or single database platform necessarily, however, I have added some really good links specific to MSSQL Server running on Linux at...

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Managing VLFs in SQL Server 2017

One of the new features introduced by Microsoft in SQL Server 2017 is the new DMF sys.dm_db_log_info. It helps to take a look at the structure of the transaction log file without using the undocumented DBCC LOGINFO. As we all know, Transaction Log Files are internally...

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