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Why are there Question Marks in my Db2 Queries?

Sometimes when you're looking at Db2 Queries, you may notice question marks in your queries, like this: SELECT partnum, sum(quantity) as QUANTITY FROM orderitems oi INNER JOIN orders o ON oi.orders_id = o.orders_id where o.field3 is null and o.timeplaced is not null...

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The SSIS Subsystem Failed to Load

The SSIS subsystem failed to load When this error is received the initial response is to look into SQL Server Integration Services, however this error can occur on systems even when no SSIS is installed. The subsystems are actually related to the SQL Server Agent....

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SQL Server Statistics

What are Statistics? Statistics are exactly what the name implies. They are statistical information about the distribution and/or correlation of data in the first specified column of indexes or tables in the form of a histogram. Histograms measure the frequency of...

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