Tori Carr

SQL Server DBA

Tori has experience working with SQL Server 2000 - SQL Server 2017 and is responsible for installation and configuration, scripting, and managing a variety of databases for clients. In addition, she is also familiar with a variety of computer languages such as Java and C++. She is a member of PASS and participates in her local SQL Server community in Colorado.

SQL Server Collation

What is Collation? Collation is a set of rules dictating how each group of characters within SQL Server is treated. A list of collations and their definitions can be found using the following query. SELECT name, description FROM sys.fn_helpcollations() WHERE... read more

SQL Server Statistics

What are Statistics? Statistics are exactly what the name implies. They are statistical information about the distribution and/or correlation of data in the first specified column of indexes or tables in the form of a histogram. Histograms measure the frequency of... read more

How to Set SSIS Package ‘Connection Timeout’ to Unlimited

Recently, a challenge arose with a client’s SSIS packages occasionally failing. They received the following error: Description: “Login timeout expired”. An OLE DB record is available. Source: “Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0”... read more