Sandra Delany

Senior SQL Server DBA

Sandra Delany is a Senior SQL Server DBA for XTIVIA. She has over 19+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry with a strong emphasis supporting Local Area Networks, troubleshooting network, hardware and software problems; strong interpersonal, communication, leadership, and organizational skills, with a proven track record of success which helped her with her career as a Database Administrator. She has 17 years of SQL Server database experience as an application DBA/developer and production DBA in the private and public sector supporting multiple clients. She has experience with SQL Server 7.0-2016 (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) and Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. She recently received her Microsoft Certified Professional Cloud Platform certification.

Removing and Adding a Node From an Availability Group

There may be a situation where you want to remove a node out of an Availability Group (AG) may be due to testing, something wrong with the server and need to build a new one, running out of space on that server so you can move files around, move the server to a... read more

Migrating Your AlwaysOn DR Node to a Different Location

There may be a situation when you need to move one of your servers that is part of an Availability Group to a different data center and the IP address for that server will change. In this example, we will be moving a DR node from one data center to another and change... read more

WSFC Fixing Errors for AlwaysOn Availability Group or AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances (SQL Clustering)

As a SQL Server DBA, there will be times when you will cross over into the system administrator realm of responsibilities or at a minimum explaining them how to fix errors so your SQL environment runs better. WSFC (windows server failover cluster) is setup for... read more

Setup AD for AlwaysOn Listener

When you create a new Availability Group there are a couple of administrative tasks that should be completed before creating your Availability Group within SQL Server. This will elevate any domain permission issues when you are trying to create your Availability Group... read more

Can’t Join a Server During the Creation of an Availability Group

I had an issue where I was trying to create a new Availability Group. During the creation process, it sits at the “Joining ‘DBName’ to availability group ‘AGName’ on ‘servername'” step for a very long time. You are either... read more

How To for Replication

Replication is a great way to copy tables/data from one server to another so you can do reporting on the second server. Within replication tables, stored procedure, functions, views, and indexed views are called articles but in this blog tables and articles mean the... read more