Matthew LeVier

SQL Server DBA

Matthew LeVier is a SQL Server DBA at XTIVIA. Trained as a traditional DBA master, Matthew has more than 10 years of experience as a development, as well as a production DBA. His background in both the private and public sectors have given him the resources and understanding to offer firm solutions for numerous problems. While his original focus was on traditional DBA, Matthew is interested in where technology is moving and the new roles it will create. In particular, his areas of expertise include performance, recoverability/availability, automation, and analytics.

Reducing the Use of TempDB to Keep Costs Down

There comes a time in everyone’s life that they need to be concerned about tempdb. I know… we all have configured it correctly and it’s running great. The application and all of the developers are using it like crazy …Wait… that may not be a good thing.... read more

CTEs and Client Statistics

CTEs may not be used for performance but there are times they could help you from a performance standpoint. The following example uses the same logic written in a way to use three different types of temporary objects. It shows what is done with each process using... read more

Linked Server Push Pull Blog

There are times when a Developer or DBA needs to determine the best performance options with transferring data through a linked server from point A to point B but may not know the best way to do it. In the following example, I am going to show you the differences... read more

SQL Operations Studio is Microsoft’s Push to Bridge the Gap

Many people have heard that the traditional DBA role is changing. This is one of the hottest topics out there right now. One way that Microsoft is moving forward with this way of thinking is SQL Operations Studio (SOS). When it was first released in preview mode, many... read more