Marvin Lapid

Junior DBA

Marvin Lapid is a junior DBA for XTIVIA, working with Oracle for the Virtual-DBA team. Marvin’s technical experience started in application support for a retail software company in which he was able to expand his knowledge in SQL Server database and Windows Administration. He is an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate and is working towards becoming an Oracle Certified Professional. Marvin enjoys learning and trying out new technologies. In his free time, Marvin plays games on PC and builds/fixes stuff for his house.

Refreshing a Physical Standby Using Recover from Service on 12c

If you’re in a situation where you need to resolve a gap in a Data Guard environment due to missing/corrupt archive logs, rolling forward the Physical Standby would be your best option vs. having to rebuild your entire physical standby database. It has become... read more

Golden Gate 19c Unidirectional Replication from non-CDB to PDB

This article explains how to configure Oracle Golden Gate software to perform a unidirectional replication from a source non-CDB database on Oracle 12c to a target pluggable database on Oracle 19c. One possible use case is if you need to migrate from your non-CDB... read more