Luke Smith

Oracle/MySQL/Linux Technical Lead and Delivery Manager

Luke’s background in IT reaches back to the late ‘90s. Working with Oracle for nearly 20 years, Luke’s climb up the tech ladder started at helpdesk. He went on to learn PL/SQL application development, and eventually, mastered database administration and management. He has been with XTIVIA for 8 years and currently leads both the Oracle and MySQL Database teams. He is an Oracle Database 10-11g Administrator Certified Professional, an Oracle Application Server: 10g Certified Associate, and an Oracle PS/SQL Developer Certified Associate, to name just a few of his qualifications. Luke moves his teams forward in his high sales record, always pushing for positive changes to improve best practices. He refines DBA processes to maximize efficiency. Acknowledging both sides of the fence, he makes XTIVIA better for both customers and employees. In his spare time, Luke plays online PC gaming and DnD and is also an avid car enthusiast. When the weather's nice, he rebuilds race cars in his garage with his wife.

ORA-04031: Unable to Allocate nn Bytes of Shared Memory

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ORA-01017: Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied

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How to Fix ORA-12560: TNS: Protocol Adapter Error

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