Lisa Smith

Senior MySQL Database Engineer

Lisa works closely with multiple clients to provide professional MySQL services ranging from design and implementation of InnoDB Cluster to basic health check and performance optimization. Lisa holds MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator certification and worked with XTIVIA's MySQL Team to achieve Oracle Gold Partner status for specialization in MySQL 5.

MySQL Error Invalid lost+found Schema

If within a MySQL instance a schema name such as “#mysql#lost+found” or “#lost+found” is listed when the “show schemas” or “show databases” command is run, it’s not a true schema but will appear when MySQL is installed in a... read more

MySQL User With wildcard and localhost Hosts

There’s often confusion over why MySQL users are created with a host of localhost in addition to a user created with wildcard, %, for their host. create user ‘some_user’@’localhost’ identified by ‘some_password_here’; create... read more

Using the Mysqlbinlog Utility

MySQL binary logging is used for replication and also for point-in-time recovery of a MySQL database instance. It records any changes to database contents and may be recorded in a “statement-based” or “row-based” format. The default location to... read more

MySQL Max Connect Errors

When connection requests to a MySQL database from a given host are interrupted, MySQL keeps track of the number of successive interruptions in the host cache. MySQL will eventually block the host, giving them a message [1129] “Host ‘host_name’ is... read more

MySQL Error 1227 “Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation”

Here at XTIVIA we have provided professional services many times to clients running into errors while restoring a MySQL database from a backup created with mysqldump. One specific error on import of a backup, Error 1227, reports “Access denied; you need (at... read more

ERROR 1114 – The table is full

At XTIVIA, we have encountered the MySQL Error 1114, “table is full” on quite a few occasions. The description for the error is usually misleading as it implies that a table has reached or exceeded a maximum set limitation. Tables utilizing the InnoDB... read more