Kathleen Long

SQL Server Lead DBA & Delivery Manager

Kat is a SQL Server Lead DBA and Delivery Manager at XTIVIA. She is responsible for the architecture design, installation, configuration, and management of a wide range of SQL Server databases for multiple clients. Kat has 20+ years of experience with SQL Server. She is a member of PASS, as well as a part of the local SQL Server Community in Colorado Springs. She has presented at SQLSaturdays, as well as several of the National conferences. When not working with SQL Server, she enjoys hot air ballooning and crafting, with her latest focusing on free motion quilting.

SQL Server Instance, Login, Database, Schema, User

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Firewalls at the database Level for Azure SQL

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Different High Availability Offerings in SQL Server 2016

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SQL Server 2016 Database Engine: New Features and Enhancements

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Differences Between Windows and SQL Server Authentication

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Improving Foreign Key Performance with Indexing

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