Joe Patton

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Joe Patton is a Senior Oracle Database Administrator and his background in technology dates back to adolescence. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and an unrivaled curiosity, he channeled the focus on learning the mechanics and inner workings of modern computing. He obtained his first Oracle certification at 16 years old and his career took off from there. After college, he immediately began his professional career thrown into the fire as an Oracle DBA. He’s worked in numerous professional sectors including government/military contracting (including multiple classified, SAP and non-classified), education, fortune 100 financial, healthcare Though he does work best under pressure, he spends his free time relaxing with a gamut of hobbies such as gardening, fostering/volunteering with animals, video games, hiking, and camping.

Converting Oracle 12c Non-CDB Database to CDB Multitenant Architecture

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ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

Prior to diving into this error, it’s important we discuss how Oracle processes queries logically and in what order. Oracle has a couple of rules as to how it executes each query in a specific processing order. Oracle processes a query as below: Gathers rows... read more