Frank Leonetti

Senior Azure Cloud Engineer

Frank Leonetti is a 10 year System’s Engineer with a focus on Microsoft products and services. Frank has several MCSEs such as Exchange (messaging), Azure Infrastructure, MCSA in Office 365 SaaS services and Server Infrastructure. He is also a military war vet.

How to Restore File and VMs in Azure Using Azure Backups

Backups have always been a crucial asset in today’s continuous battles to control and protect our data. Every day, your data protection is being challenged continuously by malicious malware and viruses to hold your data hostage and have you pay fees to get it... read more

Why Choose Office 365 for Your Business

Since Microsoft’s launch of Office 365 (O365) in 2013, it has changed the landscape of software/cloud technologies. There are a plethora of reasons for your business to choose Microsoft SaaS services for your day to day activities, but here are just a few key... read more

Windows Server 2008/R2 EOL: It’s Not Too Late to Prepare

With Windows Server 2008/R2, along with Windows 7 OS, approaching EOL (End of Life) in mid-January, it is time to start prepping your infrastructure for upgrades. Microsoft announced last year that if you migrate your SQL 2008-2008 R2 environment to Azure, they will... read more

How to Use Azure Backup Services

Azure Backup Service has risen from just being a simple flat file backup solution to an all in one sandbox for all your backup service needs. From BMR (Bare Metal Restore) to SQL databases, Azure Backup now gives you one centralized location to manage your data and... read more

The Worst Call for Sys Admins: Ransomware Attack

The worst call/email to receive, as a sysadmin, is that users are reporting their files “looking funny” only for you to see your client’s file server was hit with ransomware. You start saying a prayer hoping your backups that ran overnight were... read more