Ember Crooks

Db2 Lead DBA and Delivery Manager

Ember is a Db2 Lead DBA and Delivery Manager at XTIVIA. She is responsible for the design, build, and management of a wide range of Db2 databases for multiple clients. Ember has 16+ years of experience with Db2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms. She is the founder and principal author of the popular db2commerce.com technical blog where she educates herself and others through example and case study. Ember is an IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion in Information Management.

Db2 Basics: Beyond Just Taking a Backup – Backup Performance, Utilities, and More!

While I’ve covered this topic in detail, and blogged about a specific backup performance problem, I’ve never talked about this at the basic level. What is a Backup? A backup is a binary image of the entire Db2 database. It is, therefore, the size of the... read more

Seven SQL Performance-Killers to Avoid in Db2

How Db2 Handles SQL SQL is a powerful language in the hands of the right RDBMS. One of SQL’s strengths is that you specify what data you want returned without specifying what file, disk, san, or sector that data is stored on. Because we describe the result set... read more

Dropping Indexes to Improve Db2 Performance

Indexes are Good for Performance Generally speaking, DBAs and developers spend a fair amount of their performance time trying to find which indexes to add to a database to improve performance. If a specific query is having performance problems, one of the strongest... read more

Index Read Efficiency – A Key Performance Indicator for Db2

My top metric for analyzing database performance is index read efficiency. This metric essentially shows how well indexed a database is for the workload that runs against it. Index read efficiency is calculated by taking the rows read and dividing them by the rows... read more

Runstats Best Practices for Db2 on LUW

What is Runstats? Runstats is a utility in Db2 that is used to collect statistics about the data in Db2 tables and indexes. This statistical information is critical to Db2 database performance. Runstats is executed on a table by table basis, so scripting it is quite... read more

Enterprise Database Software for Free – IBM Db2

Personally, I am biased. As the team lead for Db2 services here at XTIVIA, I think Db2 and other enterprise database software have significant advantages over some of the open source or free options out there. Decades of time invested and spent solving the problems of... read more