Chris Provolt

SQL Server DBA

Chris is a Senior Virtual DBA on XTIVIA's SQL Server Team. He has over 20 years experience in the Information Technology Industry in the areas of Security, Systems Administration, and Database Administration. Holding certifications in the Windows Operating System, SQL Server, and Azure Solutions, he has a broad knowledge of the Microsoft product line supporting databases.

Remote Desktop Connection Error: CredSSP Encryption Oracle Remediation

Connection Error Details While attempting to make an RDP connection to another Windows client the following error may be encountered. Typically this error is encountered when attempting a connection to an Azure hosted client, it has also been encountered when... read more

How To Create An Azure SQL Database

1. Sign Up for Azure Visit and follow the steps to sign up for Azure. Requirements Microsoft Account Mobile Phone Credit Card 2. Visit the Microsoft Azure Portal Once completed with signing up head on over to the portal Visit:... read more

SymmetricDS Vs. SQL Server Merge Replication

The most concerning issue with SQL Server merge replication is that it is not adequately designed to scale past a very small amount of subscribed instances. From a DBA’s perspective, we find merge replication the least desirable of the Microsoft replication... read more

The SSIS Subsystem Failed to Load

The SSIS subsystem failed to load When this error is received the initial response is to look into SQL Server Integration Services, however this error can occur on systems even when no SSIS is installed. The subsystems are actually related to the SQL Server Agent.... read more

Login Failed – Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456

SQL Error 18456 is likely the most common error one will encounter using SQL Server. Error 18546 isn’t only commonplace, but also ambiguous. Generally, Error: 18456 is a result of a login failure. Follow the steps below to try and resolve the issue. Are you connecting... read more

SQL Server Management Studio SSMS SSPI Error

Have you ever run into an SSPI error in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)? In this blog entry, we will show you 2 ways you can fix your SSPI error in SQL Server. SSPI Error: Cannot connect. The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context Details... read more