Abrham Smith

DBA/Senior Software Engineer

Abrham is a PostgreSQL, Redshift, and MongoDB Database Administrator at XTIVIA. He is tasked with managing most open source and free database solutions. He has over 18 years of IT experience which includes network management, software engineering, project management, and database administration. He has completed large projects throughout the private and public sector, with a wide range of knowledge over many platforms and solutions.

MongoDB – WARNING: This replica set was configured with protocol version 0

If you’re upgrading a ReplicaSet from a version before 3.2 of MongoDB to a new version, you will run into this warning when connecting to the shell. Protocol Version 0 is not supported in MongoDB 4.0. Checking Protocol Compatibility To verify which protocol version... read more

MongoDB – WARNING: readConcern:majority is enabled

If you’re running a 3 member ReplicaSet that uses an Arbiter as its third member, then you will be presented with this warning when you connect to the shell. When a node goes down in a PSA architecture (Primary, Secondary, Arbiter) the wiredTiger storage engine... read more

MongoDB – WARNING: This server is using MONGODB-CR

MongoDB-CR is the challenge response authentication mechanism used in MongoDB versions before 4.0. In version 4.0 this mechanism is removed and you must upgrade to the new mechanism SCRAM before you upgrade to 4.0. You will receive this warning if you have launched... read more

MongoDB – WARNING: This Server is bound to localhost

When you’re upgrading from previous versions before 3.6 you might notice this warning showing up in the shell when you start the server for the first time. This warning is telling you that you don’t have an IP bound to your instance, preventing any... read more

MongoDB – Disabling Transparent Huge Pages Ubuntu 16.04+

When running a MongoDB instance, it’s always important and even recommended to disable Transparent Huge Pages. Database workload can be poor when THP is enabled. Service File This service will allow you to disable THP during startup. Create the service file... read more

Amazon RDS – Serverless Automated Snapshots Tutorial

Snapshots in Amazon when taken manually, are not available for scheduling. In order to accomplish this you could run Amazon CLI but for that you would need to execute from a server based on a cron job or something similar. This solution will allow you to run a... read more