Virtual-DBA Urgent or as Needed DBA Support


Get Urgent Database Support Now!

The Virtual-DBA staff can get your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 LUW or Informix system up and running again, even if you have never worked with us before

The XTIVIA Virtual-DBA team is a phone call away, even when you are not a regular service subscriber. We are frequently contacted by organizations experiencing issues with their critical Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or DB2 LUW database systems that need help right away or for individual on demand engagements . We are available for engagements to help you with your DBA needs. Our teams of DBAs are used to doing the heavy lifting where you need an experienced resource to get that system up and running, troubleshoot a problem, performance tune (see Health Check), or handle your complicated upgrade or migration. With our staff’s deep experience, it’s a common occurrence that we have seen the issue before.

The process is simple:

  1. Call (888) 685-3101 Ext.2 (during business hours), email or submit the online request form. We will get back to you as soon as we can, in most cases during continental U.S. business hours
  2. Get on the phone with our U.S. based DBAs so that we can understand your situation, problem or task
  3. We provide you a Statement of Work (SOW), typically a one page document outlining the scope, deliverables, estimated effort and cost
  4. You execute/sign the SOW
  5. You provide our DBAs remote connection details/credentials (we can do on-site engagements when scheduled and expenses billed)
  6. Our Virtual-DBAs login and get to work

We do this all the time. Really!

Support Services We Provide

There is really no all-encompassing list of services; usually it depends on your unique situation or nature of the emergency. Below is a brief list of the types of things we are typically asked to do, but feel free to surprise us:

  1. Error Messages: Resolve or explain those error messages you just can’t figure out
  2. Poor Performance: Review your configuration and queries to determine the cause of a pesky performance problem
  3. Recover Lost Data: Recover the data from backups or do our best to pull it out of the damaged system
  4. Security Responses: Respond to security issues to get your critical resources properly protected or reviewed
  5. Audits: Compliance and security
  6. Replication: problems/setup/design
  7. Backup/Recovery: problems/setup/design
  8. Repair or restore damaged or corrupt databases
  9. Upgrades/Migrations
  10. Coverage: When your staff is on vacation, leave, training or otherwise engaged
  11. Coaching and Training: When your staff needs some pointers
  12. See a more detailed list of services by database platform: Oracle, IBM LUW, SQL Server, and/or Informix

Since the formation of our company, XTIVIA has been helping clients with their critical database systems. Many clients who engage us to troubleshoot a problem, perform a Health Check, or provide that needed extra set of hands, later realize that it is more economical and beneficial to sign up for a Virtual-DBA service level that suits their needs and keeps one of our Virtual-DBAs on speed dial.


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